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Based at Halfpenny Green the area offers some fantasitc flying countyside both visually and rich in aviation history.


The Gyrocopter Flying Club wants to get people flying and enjoying the fabulous Gyrocopter (or Gyroplane/Autogiro - they are all the same thing!).


If you have never flown before it all starts with an 'Air Experience'. This page is all about highlighting those intense and dynamic experience flights, where we aim to pack as much into the time we have available.  If you enjoy it and want to do more, you are already an existing pilot or you wish to learn more about the journey of flying gyroplanes please click the 'Flying School' tab.


The Gyrocopter offers the best experience of all sport aviation, its a flying superbike!


Not only will you find the gyroplane the most enjoyable flying machine it just happens that the local area has some superb flying countryside.  Within reach of an hour and a half flight we have sites that saw the birth of Radar, Britain's rocket test centre, a nuclear strike airbase, development sites for the Harrier 'jump jet', Britian's first operational jet, the Gloster Meteor and ejection seats.



Flying Experiences

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30 minute experience£125

Experience the magic of the gyrocopter!

"I could not have enjoyed the flight more, it was truly wonderful"

V Niewolik,Northamptonshire


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