Details for the flying experiences

What can I expect on the day?

Flying is amazing and this aerial experience will guarantee to make you wish you had done it all years ago!


Gyrocopters were made famous by the appearance of “Little Nellie” in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.  Open cockpit, highly manoeuvrable, extremely exciting it really is the closest flying experience to nature.


If you know the area then just let me have your own thoughts on where to go and we can take our flight in a journey to take in your own ideas.  However never mind that - we are flying!  We are keen to enjoy the gyrocopter! 

That said if you love aviation then the surrounding area has huge history, for example we have RAF/USAF Upper Heyford where during the height of the Cold War, one plane was kept in permanent readiness to launch a nuclear strike. 


The flight test centre for Britain’s first jet fighter, the Gloster Meteor, as well as a set for the classic film Twelve O'Clock High is all at RAF Barford St.John.  


Like rockets? Then the ex-home of the Rocket Propulsion Establishment and Blue Streak, a place once so secret it was not marked on OS maps.  That's RAE Westcott.


Love the Harrier ‘Jump Jet”? RAE Bedford is where Britain developed the first vertical take off strike fighter. 


If you like Concorde then the amazing wind tunnels at the same venue!  Now home to ex-Formula 1 driver Jonathan Palmer's driving centre. 


Which brings us onto motorsport.  If you love motorsport then Silverstone is its global home.  We have the majority of Formula One teams, a cracking F1 venue which usually has things on track.


Perhaps you would just like to enjoy the views of other things.  Maybe you like trains?  Canals?  Country houses? We even have a Snow Dome, enjoy them all and all the while the best thing is we are FLYING!  Flying is amazing and this aerial experience will guarantee to make you wish you'd done it all years ago! 


Of course the Gyrocopter Flying Club UK really hopes you catch the flying bug and want to do it all again, and again and again...and learn to do it for yourself.  Flying is a wonderful experience and if you catch the bug we would love to take you onto the next step.


So get involved, choose our 30 or 60 minute flights it will be the best thing you’ve done and if it’s a gift for someone else they will be so excited they’ll pop.



What’s included in the experience?


  • Dynamic James Bond style introductory flight experience

  • Pre-flight safety briefing, introduction to the gyrocopter and route plan

  • Flying suit and helmet provided


30 minute Experience


30 minute flight which will be around our local area, all the while enjoying the superb dynamics of the marvellous gyroplane, its like aerial super biking and the views are amazing!



1 hour Experience


60 minutes to do more of the same or something different.  We have 60 minutes to enjoy the gyrocopter and our truly beautiful country, so you tell me what your preference is and we'll make a plan!  No idea - I'll make a plan and blame me!! 

The experience of flying the gyrocopter is the focus but it’s a flying wonderland in a place so target rich its impossible to miss something exciting and we will enjoy them all. All the while the best thing is we are FLYING! 


When is it available?


  • 365 days of the year, if you like flying I love flying!

  • Of course the weather needs to be kind and you need to book your space… so hurry!


Where can I do this experience?


  • Halfpenny Green,  Crab Ln, Stourbridge DY7 5DY

Who is it suitable for?


  • 14 year old + (although under 18’s need to be accompanied on the airfield by an adult)

  • Maximum weight of 110kgs or just over 17 stones

  • Maximum height of 195cm or 6ft 5in

  • You need to be agile enough to get in and out of the machine – if you can get on the pillion seat of a motorbike you’ll be fine

  • If you have a medical condition that relates to the heart, back or neck then please seek qualified medical advice

  • If you are pregnant then we would need to delay until after child birth

  • All participants must complete all Gyrocopter Flying Club UK forms and waiver prior to flying


Can anyone come along to watch?


  • Of course!Spectators are welcome to watch there is a great viewing area and there is a café onsite


Anything else I need to know?

  • Participants should wear outdoor clothing suitable for the season, closed and flat shoes, gloves for the flight.


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